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Is the dried fruit of grapes. In trading raisins isolated manual processing and raisin processing factory. Raisins manual handling more fragrant, but raisin processing factory better dry and clean, smooth. In other type of processing of raisins is not essential for its culinary use.

The first and second types of raisins are used in bakery and confectionery products, and the second - especially in muffins and cakes. The third type is usually raisin compote cooking and drinks. It is also used in the preparation of meat and pilaf, especially when combined with dried apricots. The Fourth Kind - big drupaceous raisins - has very many uses. Pitted, chopped it for cooking cakes and puddings, in whole - for sdabrivaniya drinks - kvass, fruit drinks, it can be used as a compote of dried fruits, preserves the taste and after cooking.

Characteristic taste of raisins from light yellow to brown.

There are 4 types of raisins:

Light raisins.
Seedless raisins (from white grapes)
Sweet (from green grapes)



Physical and chemical properties:




Moisture content,%



Mass fraction of sulfur dioxide,%



Mass fraction of carbohydrates,%


Food and energy value per 100g:

Energy value of 100 g 275 kcal

Methods of Use:

Before using raisins to go through, remove the stem, berries of a different color, underdeveloped, etc. Rinse under running water, and let dry.

Technological advice:

In the pastry is better to use raisins in powdered form, pre-roll it in flour. Then raisins not concentrate in one place the test, and are distributed evenly in the baked goods.


Kpakovan raisins in a box of 10 and 12.5 kg with a plastic liner.


Raisins should be stored in areas not affected by pests at +5 ° C +20 ° C and relative humidity up to 75% within 1 year.