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Powdered milk 1.5%

Powdered milk - white powder, made from the milk. Usually diluted in warm water and used as a drink, while maintaining all the benefits of fresh pasteurized milk. Is widely used in cooking and confectionery industry. Included in the many kinds of baby food.

Manufacture of milk powder caused a long shelf life of the product compared to conventional milk, and less weight.

There is also an instant dry milk.

At the end of XIX century. commencement of commercial production of milk powder.

In the production of powdered milk cow milk normalize, pasteurized and concentrated. Then produce condensed milk homogenization and spray drying, or roller systems.

На распылительных установках молоко сушат при температуре 150—180 °C, на вальцовых 103—105 °C.

The highest quality in taste and solubility parameters believe milk powder obtained by spray systems.

After drying, the milk is screened and cooled.

To increase the shelf life of milk powder produced in its packing vacuum bags or using inert gases.

Milk powder produced in accordance with GOST 4495-87 "whole milk powder."

Whole milk powder is mainly used for nutrition and fat - for the manufacture of confectionery and animal nutrition.

Milk powder is widely used in the manufacture of bakery and meat products (as a binder).

Milk, which was obtained by diluting the milk powder with water is called recovery. The stores often sell such milk. Recommended the purchase of milk to pay attention to the inscriptions on the package.