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Supply of raw materials
for the food industry

Beef rendered fat

Beef rendered fat drips out of fresh, clean shredded fat cattle. At room temperature, a solid crystalline product with the characteristic odor and taste;

fat color from pale yellow to yellow. Beef fat freezes at a temperature of 34 - 38 ° C and melts at 42 - 52 ° C. The molten beef rendered fat transparent. In the sale of produce beef fat premium and first grades. Fat first grade is different from fat premium slight smell and taste of crispy cracklings.

Bone fat obtained from the extraction of fresh crushed bones of domestic animals. Depending on the species or type of processed bone derived dietary fat is liquid, or mazeobraznye dense texture. Fat derived from beef bones, freezes at a temperature of from 9 to 38 ° C, the melting point of the fat - 16 to 44 ° C produced the bone grease the higher classes. Bone fat color from white to yellow (for Class I grayish, tastes crispy cracklings and fresh soup), taste and smell - specific.