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Supply of raw materials
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Cherries soaked with sugar syrup

Cherry belongs to the family of roses, as well as plums, peaches and apricots, and it began to grow even in 300 BC S'edobnye cherry varieties are divided into acidic, with dark red skin and sweet. The variety of different shades of cherry red gives many dishes from gentle pink and white to bright red and maroon. Yellow cherries "Queen Anne" - sweet and red cherries "Morello" - sour, but good for the pie filling. Cherry "Bing" best eaten fresh and cherries "Dukes" can have both fresh and used for the preparation of numerous dishes

Candied cherries for cakes produced by traditional technology with a special system and separation of dissolved sugar syrup in the production process. Artificial food colorings, preservatives, allergens and sediment sulfur dioxide shall not apply.

In the confectionery industry Cherry is not only used for decorating cakes and pastries. Due to the property remain soft when frozen, it is used as a decoration and a filler for ice cream and fruit sherbets, giving them a special flavor, color and texture.

Cherry thermal stability, which allows it to be used as a filling for the dough before baking.