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Supply of raw materials
for the food industry


Calories, calories: 288

Protein, g: 0.1

Fat, g: 0.1

Carbohydrates, g: 12.7

Vanillin - flavor, flavor enhancer. Vanillin molecule correspond to the formula of natural vanilla, so vanilla is identical to natural flavorings. Vanillin is much cheaper natural vanilla.

Vanilla is a colorless crystals with the smell of vanilla. Vanilla is very soluble in water.

Vanillin found in vanilla fruit in the form of glycosides. Vanillin synthesized artificially extracted and fruit vanilla alcohol and ether.

The high cost of vanilla - reason for the spread of vanilla, its artificial substitute. However, vanillin not have full flavor of natural vanilla because of minor components odor caused components of essential oil of vanilla.

Vanillin is widely used in cooking for baking bread and confectionery, food and perfume industry, for the manufacture of some medicines.

Natural Vanilla Extract - a mixture of hundreds of compounds, synthetic, mostly - a pure substance. Because of the shortage and high cost of natural vanillin were found his way out of a synthesis of the available components. Historically, the first was the synthesis of guaiacol. Currently as vanillin synthesized from guaiacol and lignin - a component of wood, which is a by-product of the pulp and paper industry. Based on lignin vanillin has a richer flavor due to the presence of impurities apotsinina.