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Supply of raw materials
for the food industry

Palm oil 99.9%

If palm oil did not exist, it should have immediately come up with! This is a natural product that is made from palm fruits containing vegetable fat in proportion to 50%. Basically, it is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia, but it is the world leader in sales of other vegetable oils. In the production of palm oil is produced product - a dense light-orange substance that has no special smell and pronounced taste.

Palm oil is rich in carotenoids, and contains a lot of vitamin E, so that is a natural antioxidant and has powerful oxidizing properties. Food prepared with the use of palm oil for a long time does not spoil and has a pleasant nutty flavor. The food industry uses palm oil, producing sweets, pastries, margarine, some dairy products.


Palm oil - GMO and cholesterol

In palm oil, fat and little moisture at temperatures below 30 ° C, it hardens, making it very comfortable to hold in the absence of special cooling units. For palm oil is well prepared baking and it is convenient to use as fat for frying or other type of cooking. There is also a liquid fraction of palm oil, which is used for salad dressings, cooking stews. Palm oil is a very useful and enjoyable to make and food processing:

  • no cholesterol
  • it is not produced from genetically modified organisms
  • has no specific taste and smell

In addition to the "success" in the food industry, palm oil is the base for many cosmetics, is used in soap and candle manufacturer, is used as a lubricant.

General function:

The product is intended for use in confectionery, baking industry, the dairy industry, for cooking and other sectors of the food industry, for industrial processing.

Ingredients (staff):

Palm oil, refined bleached deodorized.

organoleptic parameters

Taste and smell: clean taste impersonal oil or with a pleasant slightly peculiar shade.

Consistency at +18 ? C: homogeneous, plastic.

Color: Light yellow.

Transparency - in the molten state is transparent.

Physical and chemical properties:




Fat content,%, not less


Moisture and volatile matter,%, not more


Acid number, mg KOH / g, not more


Melting temperature, ? C

36-39 incl.

The solid fat content (%) at:











max 4

Energy value of 100 g, kcal



20 kg box of corrugated cardboard with a polymer liner.


When the product is stored in refrigerated storage rooms or refrigerators at constant air circulation shelf life from date of manufacture is at a temperature from -20 ? C to 25 ? C incl. - 12 months.